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July 18, 2018
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July 18, 2018

why latexbear(delandis) is the best latex manufacturer

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There are various kinds of mattresses on the market today and they range from the conventional spring or coil mattress to latex and memory foam mattresses. In recent times (and in spite of their relatively high cost), latex mattresses have become popular due to the many benefits they offer.

The use of latex materials in the production of mattresses is not a recent innovation. It has actually been in use since the 1920’s when Dunlop developed the first ever latex mattress. Since then, a number of bed manufacturers have gone into the production of latex mattresses with Delandis, being at the forefront of the pack.

Before purchasing a latex mattress, you should be conversant with the materials used in its production as well as the manufacturing process to ensure that you get the best product. There are three kinds of latex material used by bed manufacturers to produce latex mattresses and they are

Natural Latex

This form of latex is produced using the sap gotten from rubber trees. Since the material is 100% natural, it is hypoallergenic and can be used by individuals with asthma and allergic rhinitis. In most cases, mattresses made from natural latex are more expensive than those made from other kinds of latex materials.

Synthetic Latex

As the name implies, this form of latex is synthesized from chemical compounds. However, it looks and feels like natural latex and has all its properties.

Blended Latex

Blended latex is obtained when synthetic and natural latex is mixed. Generally, mattresses manufactured using blended latex material are more affordable than other kinds of latex material.

Blended Latex — Blended latex is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. Mattresses made using a blend of latex materials are more affordable than other types of latex mattresses..

Manufacturing Process

There are two main methods of manufacturing latex mattresses and they are the

Dunlop Process

The Dunlop process has been used to manufacture latex mattresses since the 1920’s. It involves pouring the liquid latex material into a mold, after which it is baked into a solid form or heated. Once it has cooled, the lump present in the mold forms the core of the Dunlop latex mattress.


The initial part of the Talalay process is similar to the Dunlop process. Once the liquid latex has been poured in, the mold is closed and a vacuum created to ensure that the liquid latex is evenly dispersed within the mold. After this, the latex material is flash frozen before being baked into solid form. The resulting material forms the core of the Talalay latex mattress.

Benefits of Buying a Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have different degrees of firmness (such as soft, medium firm, or firm) and it is up to you to choose the firmness level that is most comfortable for you. Health professionals all agree that latex mattresses are the best kinds of mattresses and can have a lot of positive impact on one’s health. The oak protein present in latex mattresses acts as a deterrent to dust mites while inhibiting bacteria growth. This makes it safe for use by individuals who have asthma and are at risk of developing allergic rhinitis.

Aside from its hypoallergenic and naturally hygienic nature, latex mattresses evenly disperse your body weight and contour to your body shape for a perfect fit. This helps to improve the quality of sleep so that you feel well rested. Due to this quality, it is very beneficial for individuals with orthopedic issues and can help correct bad sleeping postures.

Choosing the Right Latex Manufacturer

Due to the various kinds of latex mattresses in the market, it may be difficult to choose the right product for you. To ensure that you get the best, you should only purchase latex mattresses that are produced using high-quality latex materials and manufacturing best practices and the only way to do this is by selecting the best latex manufacturer.

There are a lot of firms that claim to manufacture high-quality latex mattresses, but in most cases, these mattresses do not last as long as they should or do not provide the required comfort. To get high-quality products, it is advised that you only purchase latex mattresses from reliable manufacturers such as Delandis.

Delandis is committed to providing safe, comfortable and environmentally-friendly bedding solutions to families worldwide. We make use of the finest raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that you and your family get high-quality latex mattresses. Delandis specializes in the manufacture of 100% natural latex pillows, organic latex mattresses, blended latex mattresses and foam mattresses. We have a complete production line for each of these products and export to the U.S., France, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, and a host of other countries.

To ensure the very best in comfort and spinal alignment, we make use of thailand’s Huangchunfa latex and subject it to 80,000 times pressure test before they are used to make the Delandis range of mattresses. Our latex mattresses are covered using quilted organic cotton so that you get one of the world’s healthiest and most comfortable natural latex mattresses. Furthermore, both sides of the Delandis range of natural latex mattresses are covered with a fire-resistant barrier manufactured using 100% organic wool which has moisture-wicking properties and increased breathability.

In accordance with industry best practices, we carry out continuous testing of our products to make sure that they are of the highest quality and provide our customers with the comfort and stability they desire. To ensure that the quality of our products is maintained, all our processes comply with the ISO 9001 standards and as such, we are ISO 9001 Certified. We have been certified by the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 meaning that all the components used in making our products meet the international standards for human ecology quality.

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