Group Profile

Delandis is a professional manufacturing and exporting company that focuses solely on the development, design and production of products such as latex pillows, sponge mattresses, latex mattresses, and other bedding materials. We also develop and export raw materials such as sponge and natural latex.

Presently, we have complete production lines for each of our products and we are committed to providing individuals and families worldwide with safe and environmentally friendly bedding solutions. Our raw materials and products are exported to over 80 countries including the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, France and the U.S.
When it comes to the production of latex mattresses, we make use of industry best practices in our factories to ensure that our customers always receive the consistent quality that is always associated with the Delandis brand and range of products.

Since our factories are based in China, we have easy access to quality raw materials, and extensive resources in addition to a top-of-the-line production factory and industrial complex. With these resources, we are able to offer competitive prices to our customers. We have been offering OEM services to American and European enterprises for over 15 years. Our records show that we have produced and sold a total of over 10 million mattresses worldwide.

Development History

2000 – Our journey began in the year 2000 with the creation of our brand name. The Delandis brand was formally registered and established and we commenced manufacturing with our newly constructed sponge production line.

2004 – Within a period of four years after the company’s creation, we upgraded our production lines in order to increase production capacity and provide our customers with high-quality products.

2007 – This year saw the completion of our long-awaited industrial park. Located in Quanzhou, China and covering an area of over 500,000 sq. meters, our beautiful and well-equipped industrial park was modeled using a garden-style theme. We also established our export business operations in Quanzhou along with our major production projects.

2008 – In the year 2008, we recorded annual sales of over 1.5 million mattresses. We were recognized as the bestselling manufacturer of bedding products and this marked our entry into the ranks of the world’s top manufacturers. We also began exporting our product to over 80 countries situated all over the world.

2010 – By this time, our brand and range of quality bedding products had achieved global recognition and we had a robust and mature international market.

2014 – After achieving global recognition, we recognized the need to focus on and develop sales within our home country. Therefore, we came up with a new and improved domestic sales development strategy and began its implementation. We also established a national store system to increase our brand awareness and improve on local sales.

2015 – In accordance with our improved domestic sales development strategy, we decided to open home stores all over the country. We established a network of domestic sales terminal in most major cities.

2016 – With the advent of the Fourth Industrial revolution, we had to review and reposition ourselves to ensure the continuous delivery of quality products to our customers. Therefore, we came up with our Industrial 4.0 development strategy for seamless integration of both our online and offline processes.

Work Culture
Adhering to industry standards and best practices to ensure the production of top quality, environmentally-friendly household bedding products
Our topmost priority is customer satisfaction and as such, we constantly brainstorm on ways to improve on the quality of our products.

Range of Products
Mattresses: – Sponge Mattresses, 100% Latex Mattresses and Blended Mattresses
Raw Materials: – Sponge and Natural Latex

Industrial Complex Location
Phase 1, Hengang Factory, Yifeng Intersection, Tuling Town, Quangang District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China