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July 18, 2018
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July 18, 2018

Types of Mattresses, Advantages and Disadvantages

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2018)

Foam mattress is one piece padded and flexible which is placed on the bed and used to sleep. A natural mattress has an elasticated latex core. Materials like cotton, coconut fiber or horsehair is used to make it more rigid. In some cases it may be combined with linen or Tencel.

Formerly, mattresses were a pillow case stuffed with organic materials. These organic materials are either straw, wool and leaves. These materials are nest of small insects like (mites, fleas, bed bugs). You have to ventilate and clean the mattress quite often to get rid of insects. Mattresses of wool were popular in Europe until well into the twentieth century.

In the market there are and there have been various types of mattress. Let us read on..

The Types of Mattress based on Materials

There are four major categories of mattresses according to materials used in manufacturing. But in this article we will tackle the 2 categories to see differences and similarities, advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Spring Mattress
  2. Foam Mattress (latex, visco-elastic and polyester and polyurethane)
1. Spring Mattress

The spring mattresses are the most popular. They are usually more expensive than Memory Foam Mattresses, high resilience (HR) or latex. Take so long to be developed that provide a wide range of different models for different needs. Its core is composed by a network of springs coated in several layers of materials such as cotton or wool. These materials are added to provide adaptation and comfort.

The degree of firmness of the mattress will depend on the reinforcement of the piers. As well as the amount of those that it contains. It must have a reinforcement in the lumbar area. With the highest density of springs to provide additional resistance to the collapse. And in the case of bed marriage, two rest areas separate.

Advantages of Spring Mattresses:
  • Provides good support for the back. Although when used for a longest time tends to sag in the center. In the end will not support the spine.
  • They are very breathable, so that the aeration is excellent.
  • Good price.
Disadvantages of Spring Mattresses:
  • Should not be fold because they deform, so that the transport is more complicated.
  • You need to renew more often that the mattresses foams. It is recommended to change them at least every 10 years.
2. Foam Mattress

The foam mattresses are characterized by their mode of manufacture. Foaming is the tachnique used in manufacturing foam mattresses. Foam mattresses is consists of breathable compresses air to a gel-like material. These materials are used to obtain a foam-filled bubbles. Which are then treated with hardeners and resins stabilizers. This will result in a homogeneous block with uniform surface support. In general it can be said that foam mattresses are less firmer than the spring mattresses. And are more adaptable, flexible, and comfy.

Its main drawback is the price, as they are more expensive.

2.1.-Latex mattress:

The latex mattress is a mattress whose core is made of latex. Represents 15% of the market. When you buy a latex mattress, look at the following aspects:

–Latex Composition

–natural: Latex is an environmentally friendly material. Material extracted from the resin of the rubber tree. It is considered 100% latex natural mattresses. With more than 85% of natural latex in its composition. Mattress contains the higher percentage of natural latex. The more natural composition, the better will be its quality and comfort. Requires the label to confirm that it is 100% natural latex.

–synthetic: it is a chemical material derived from petroleum. The mattress is a lot firm, less elastic. Therefore more uncomfortable to touch and smells rubbery.

In addition, they also produce more heat.

–mixed (also called “Eurolátex”). The mattresses have a 20% natural latex and 80% synthetic latex.

–Density of the latex:

The density ideal is the middle: 75 kg / m3. A lower density may be excessively friable, and of a higher, excessively firm. But bear in mind that the density is not anonymous with quality. It only indicates the pounds of material employed. It makes a cubic meter of foam and, therefore, it will employ firmness.

–Adaptability of the latex:

the models bring different areas of rest, the more zones, the greater the adaptability. If this is a mattress bed, you must have the beds separate.

The Advantages of the Latex Mattresses:

-Moulds to the body and the movements you make while asleep. Without losing the firmness necessary for a good rest.

-They have great elasticity and recovery ability. The mattress returns quickly to its original state without deformation. Regardless of the pressure exerted.

-Its texture is nice and soft provides great comfort.

-Is breathable. The structure is formed by millions of threads of rubber which allow aeration.

-Is a hypoallergenic material (does not cause allergies) and resistant to dirt, dust mites do not nest in it.

-Are more durable than spring mattresses (15 to 18 years).

Disadvantages of Latex Mattresses:

-They are more expensive.

-There are people who are allergic to latex.

–Adaptability of the latex:

the models bring different areas of rest, the more zones, the greater the adaptability.

Disadvantages of the mattresses in latex:

-They are more expensive.

-To maintain a good natural latex mattress, it is advisable to can air it and avoid moisture.

-There are people who are allergic to latex.

-Mattresses made of synthetic latex build up more heat. Also have a strong smell of rubbery so it is always better to opt for the latex 100% natural.

2.2 -Memory Foam Mattress (or memory foam):

The visco-elastic foam is a synthetic material developed by NASA. In the context of their space program in the sixties.In order to alleviate the pressure of the body of the astronauts during takeoff.

Researchers have incorporated this material at the beginning of the nineties to domestic use. This material is used a lot in the hospitals. They exert little pressure on the body and relieve pressure on the body. Also relieve pressure on inflamed areas of the sick patients. After that Memory Foam Mattress are beginning to be present also in the households.

It is not recommended to use these mattresses on both sides. Other side should not be used unlike the rest of the mattresses.

-There are two types of memory foam:

-Visco-elastic foam (“open pore” or “open cell”):

This foam tends to be used for padding of mattresses and mattresses. The memory foam is mixed with the foam of low density to cheapen the product. It is not so elastic, it supports less fatigue and is not as durable.

-Visco-elastic molded: the cell or pore is smaller and the circulation of the air is slower. It is superior in quality and price.

Advantages of Memory Foam Mattresses:

 Memory Foam Mattress is said to be warmer in winter than in spring mattresses .

– Offers a high degree of adaptability to the body while maintaining a correct alignment of the back. Adapt to the body completely, while other mattresses force the body to adapt to the mattress. Memory Foam Mattress is recommended for lower back problems, muscle, joint, etc.

Memory Foam Mattress are known for relief and the comfort that they offer.

Tossing in bed is the main cause of a bad night of sleep. Memory Foam Mattress distribute the weight of the body evenly. That would be like having billions of little springs that give you support.

Memory foam cradles the body of the sleeper. It is said that it is especially good for those who sleep on their side, they tend to have back problems. It is also claimed that it is better for overweight people. Many couples find Memory Foam Mattress useful because each side of the mattress adjusts individually .

Memory foam is hygienic. It is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, and offers nothing for bed bugs to reproduce.


Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattresses:

-Some people have a feeling of weightlessness, of floating in the air, so not recommended to those who suffer from vertigo.

-You must include quilted with fiber athermic and cotton, to avoid the heat kernel and its price is quite high.

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