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Sexual Fun Adjustable Round Mattress

Latex Premium Intelligent Electric Furniture Mattress
Electric Remote Inner Frame Adjustable Mattress
July 21, 2018
Skin Friendly Breathable Adjustable Mattress
July 20, 2018

Sexual Fun Adjustable Round Mattress

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The Features

  • 1

    Free frame matching variety of styles , able to be fit into any bedstead .

  • 2

    Inner frame using stainless steel welding ,all-round balancing and body supporting .

  • 3

    Back lifting 75 degree ,let body maintaining zero gravity status.

  • 4

    Leg lifting improve blood circulation ,effectively preventing feet numb and pain

  • 5

    Head and tail same time lifting session ,stretching bones and muscles

  • 6

    High grad jacquard knitted cotton, prevent allergy anti-insect resistance against mite

  • 7

    Unique mattress adjustable design ,help talking care of every inconvenient family members

  • 8

    Natural neck extension ,improve sleep quality

  • 9

    Adjust back to 60 degree ,watching TV reading enjoying music

  • 10

    Head and tall same time lifting ,provide relaxation to body and help release pressure .


1 High-grade jacquard knitting wool

2 Natural latex

3 60#high rebound sponge

4 30#high elastic cotton

5 20#sponge

6 Partition bag spring

7 Balance of the net

8 Muti-function steel adjustment

9 45# high elastic cotton

10 High-grade jacquard knitting wool


(Last Updated On: July 21, 2018)