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Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress with Air Flow

Memory Foam Pocket Spring Bed Mattress
August 4, 2018
Sleeping comfort Cool blue Gel Technology Memory Foam Mattress
August 4, 2018

Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress with Air Flow

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The Features

  • 1

    Mattress Fabric

    We have own fabric factory. knitted fabric, woven fabric,bamboo fabric , etc. All the fabric make to order according to your requirement. Sterilization and anti mite and Promote blood circulation.

  • 2

    Zone Pocket Spring.

    Zone have 3/7/9 & High carbon steel 1.8-2.3mm. lt’s flexible and scalable to the curve of the body and weight evenly supports each part of the body, keeping the spine naturally stretched.

  • 3

    Pocket Spring

    Durable. Shoulder spinal. Zero formaldehyde. Massage and mute. Independent support. Moistureproof mouidproof.

  • 4

    Cool Gel

    Texture soft. Relieve the heat. Cooling antipyretic. Temperature sensitive gel. Relieve the body’s pressure. Improve the sleeping quality

  • 5

    High Density Foam

    Anticactenal. Thermostatic. Relaxing sleep. Pure non-toxic. Soft skin-friendly. Degradation of harmful gases.

  • 6

    Memory Foam

    High resilience. Strong Support. Efficient support. Helpful to release stress,pain and sleeping problems.

  • 7

    We are designers,let us design something for you.

    We introduce premium natural latex as the comfort layer. It dynamically conforms to your body.,supports the natural alignment of the spine.

  • 8

    Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

    Choosing the right size is the first step in finding the perfect new mattress. And if you’re making the leap to an entirely new mattress size, choosing the right dimensions is doubly important, as you have to consider how much sleeping space that you’ll need for ultimate comfort and the best night’s sleep possible. Measure the Width To measure the width of the mattress, you will have to place the tape measure on the right side of the mattress and then pull it to the left side. Write down the width on a piece of paper. Measure the Length Place the tape measure at the top of the mattress and extend to the bottom. Make sure you write down this measurement, as well.

  • 9

    Tape Edge

    Buffer surrounding edge process,the arc angle and spring together increase the mattress edge. The tapes could be customized for the width, colors, materials and specification etc.

  • 10


    We have broidery machine,so when you need ,please sent us the picture or requirement(size and color). Broidery calls for great care. There must not be even a single sloppy stitch. Factory has produced every piece of embroidery with exquisite workmanship. Electronic embroidery,thread precision design elegant.

  • 11

    Mattress Label

    Art of decorating mattress with needle and threa, Our factory has produced every piece of emBroidery with exquisite workmanship. Embroidery calls for great care. There must not be even a single sloppy stitch.

Creating Your Mattress Design

Latexbear makes it easy to make the one mattress you need. Any foam mattresses. We can make it happen, just for you.

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