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Memory Foam Pocket Spring Bed Mattress

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August 4, 2018
Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress with Air Flow
August 4, 2018

Memory Foam Pocket Spring Bed Mattress

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The Features

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    Chances are you’ve heard of memory foam mattresses or have even owned one at some point in the past. While memory foam mattresses used to be considered a gimmick in the past, they have slowly transformed from a novelty into a popular alternative to the more common spring beds. Improvements in both comfort and technology are the main reason why memory foam mattress has managed to gain a significant amount of momentum in the market. If you’re thinking about buying a memory foam mattress, you should consider purchasing the Delandis memory foam mattress.

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    Delandis Memory Foam Mattress

    The Delandis gel memory foam mattress is ideal for users who value comfort above all. With this product, the user can select a comfort level that best suits their body. The topper layer of this mattress is filled with soft gel memory foam. This material can conform to the shape of your body to boost comfort and reduce fatigue and stress. The middle layer of this mattress consists of moderately soft hydrogel sponge, which offers auxiliary support. The base consists of high resilience foam, which provides plenty of protection and support to the spine of the user. If you suffer from back problems for whatever reason, you should definitely consider buying this product to make it easier and more comfortable for you to sleep at night.

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    Once they’ve tried a memory foam mattress, many people with chronic back problems could never imagine sleeping on any other type of mattress. The mattress cover is made of cooling fabric to enhance the foam mattress’ ventilation. The size of the mattress, including the cooling fabric, is 150 L x 200 W x 10 H. The color of the mattress is white as well as off-white. The cooling fabric has a four-side zipper and is easily washable. This product consists of two inches of gel air memory foam with holes and two inches of gel soft regular foam.

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    Most users find that this mattress is comfortable and at the perfect height when installed in the bed frame and box spring. The memory foam mattress topper cover is waterproof and will last you a long time as long as you care for it properly. You should keep this topper cover on the mattress at all times except on wash days to prevent staining the memory foam mattress. In comparison to similar memory foam mattress brands, the memory foam mattresses of the Delandis brand are a bit firmer. However, there are many similarly priced models of different firmness to choose from, so you’ll have no problem buying a mattress that suits your preference when it comes to firmness.

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    This memory foam mattress will help you get a better night’s sleep every night by minimizing tossing and turning. The product manages to do this by reducing the pressure on your pressure points. The memory foam is very responsive to the shape of the body as well as movements of the body. The memory foam is also temperature sensitive to ensure that you enjoy restful rather than restless sleep.

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    Product details

    This is a unique economical customized gel memory foam mattress in which you can choose the comfort level suits your body best. 1.The topper layer is filled with soft gel memory foam which could cuddle your body better and help to relieve the stress and fatigue of your body. 2.The moderate soft hydrogel sponge in middle layer provides auxiliary support. 3.High resilience foam base can strengthen the support, helping to protect your spine. Coolig fabricas as the mattress cover, which could enhance ventilation of the mattress.

Creating Your Mattress Design

Latexbear makes it easy to make the one mattress you need. Any foam mattresses. We can make it happen, just for you.

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