latexbear latex mattress -supply the latex mattress follow your market - Latexbear

latexbear latex mattress -supply the latex mattress follow your market

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July 21, 2018
White King Non-mite Adjustable Mattress
White King Non-mite Adjustable Mattress
July 21, 2018

latexbear latex mattress -supply the latex mattress follow your market

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The Features

  • 1

    Climate control and flexibility

    The upper cover entails an exceptional climate fiber that controls moisture. This is also true for being so flexible. It actually puts the fundamentals of your mattress, flawlessly.

  • 2

    Point-elastic and breathable

    The LatexBear foam offers you with the best comfort thru extraordinary point-elasticity which allows compression on a definite area without disturbing the rest of the mattress. Moreover, the highly breathable open-pored material from LatexBear will make you sweat free.

  • 3

    Absorbing and persistent

    There are about 2000 different conical pocket springs boosted to ensure the stability of pressure gaps and provide the best body support that you actually need.

  • 4

    Pressure-relieving and adaptive

    The LatexBear memory foam that sits in-between layers dispenses optimal pressure and become accustomed to one’s body sole forms. This modern-day innovation material will surely allow any comfortable sleeping position which suits you best

  • 5


    This is where our cold foams bring the best support you can imagine. The fixed bottom layer delivers the required amount of pressure on any sleeping positions and will definitely provide you pressure-relieving supports on the lower back of your body

  • 6

    Breathable and modern

    LatexBear foams guarantee the best air circulation and give your mattress traction due to its anti-slip elements feature. Surely, LatexBear mattress offers a stylish look and modern in nature.

Creating Your Mattress Design

Latexbear makes it easy to make the one mattress you need. Any foam mattresses. We can make it happen, just for you.

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