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latexbear-Dunlop latex pillow manufacturer

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July 20, 2018
High Quality Royal Romance Pocket Spring Latex Memory Foam Mattress
High Quality Royal Romance Pocket Spring Latex Memory Foam Mattress
July 16, 2018

latexbear-Dunlop latex pillow manufacturer

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The Features

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    Soft Feel, Strong Support

    Our Latex Bear Latex Pillows are soft overall creating a fluffy cloud for your head to sink into. Although soft, the pillows offer strong support for the head weight allowing you to remain comfortable. Our pillows foster proper alignment of the back while maintaining proper positioning of the neck to prevent cramps and pressure points from developing.

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    Friendly Latex Foam

    We offer latex pillows that are made from latex obtained from latex imported from our Thailand partners the the Huanchunfa Company. We also offer blended latex products that are free of fire retardant chemicals. Our Latex Bear Pillows stand out due to their pure simplicity yet functional nature. The durable nature of the latex used ensures that all users stay comfortable for years to come without worrying about harmful chemicals or fillers.

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    Are you aware of the fact that the best bedroom temperature for green sleep lies between 60°F and 70°F? Latex Bear Delandis latex pillows are properly ventilated, comfortably airy, cool for the summer and warm during the winter months. Our pillows do not trap in the air yor breathe out so as to promote proper spread of warmth to provide you with the best pillow for healthy and hygienic sleep.

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    Customer- Centric and Environmentally Friendly

    Latex Bear Latex Pillows have Certipur-US, Oeko-Tex and ISO certifications. The Oeko-Tex and Certipur- US certifications attest to the fact that our toppers are free of lead, arsenic, phthalates and VOCs (or volatile organic compounds). The ISO certification validates the fact that our products are in line with customer expectations for an ideal pillow and focus on customer satisfaction. The certifications are also a stamp of approval on our efforts towards sustaining the environment with natural products and that our latex pillows are a healthy and safe plus to your sleeping area.

Creating Your Pillow Design

Latexbear makes it easy to make the one pillow you need. Any latex pillow. We can make it happen, just for you.

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