Latex memory foam mattress manufacturers –with Oeko-Tex certificate - Latexbear

Latex memory foam mattress manufacturers –with Oeko-Tex certificate

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August 4, 2018
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August 2, 2018

Latex memory foam mattress manufacturers –with Oeko-Tex certificate

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The Features

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    A Bar Setter in Latex Mattresses

    Made of Thai Natural Latex Foam and High-Quality Sponge Foam, our Certipur-US, Oeko-Tex and ISO certified mattress set the bar in latex mattresses. Our design and production team took extra care t craft this latex mattress to provide lasting comfort, ease and long-lasting use. Every mattress is hand sewn, assembled and hand packaged in China by our highly efficient production team.

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    Nature-Sourced Materials

    The Latex Bear Latex Mattress is made up of a combination of all-natural cotton, and high-quality latex imported from the Huanchunfa Company in Thailand. These components when mixed together create a comfort-inducing sleeping surface.

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    Natural Latex Foam

    The primary raw material of our mattresses at Latex Bear is Natural Latex Foam. We work hand-in hand with our Thailand partners to get the highest-quality natural latex foam available. Latex Bear Delandis foam contain no fillers, fire-retardants or synthetic latex. Our production process is energy-efficient. We produce foams that have Certipur-US, Oeko-Tex and ISO certifications. The Oeko-Tex and Certipur- US certifications attest to the fact that our toppers are free of lead, arsenic, phthalates and VOCs or volatile organic compounds. The ISO certification validates the fact that our products meet customer expectations and focus on customer satisfaction. The certifications are also a stamp of approval on our efforts towards sustaining the environment with natural products and that our latex mattresses are a healthy and safe plus to your sleeping area.

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    Ingenious Construction

    The construction of the mattress is made up of 5 components: Breathable anti piling fabric: contains numerous air holes to prevent body heat from being trapped in the mattress and at the same time promote soft and even texture on the mattress. High quality sponge foam: for that bouncy feel, the sponge foam not only provides support but offers resilience. Natural thai latex: no synthetic product and no chemicals so as to promote green sleep. Environmentally friendly felt Independent springy tube bag: prevents collision of the springs and allows for even support on the mattress The final result is a comfortable mattress to lay on.

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    Made in China

    The Latex Bear Delandis Latex Mattress has an innovative build masterminded from its foundation to the complete stage by our Chinese design team. Our think tank conceptualized the design of a latex mattress and created various prototypes to arrive at an ideal model suitable for our customers all around the world. The design process saw us change our production line several times before arriving at the perfect mattress to showcase to the world.

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    Moulds to the Body

    The anti-piling fabric is firm but at the same time stretchy preventing it from dulling the feel of the latex. The nature of the fabric is such that allows for you to enjoy the softness of the latex foam without worrying about it trapping the heat of your body. In addition, our innovative design, gives an added flexibility to the mattress allowing it to conform to the body regardless of whether a topper or cover is used.

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    Complete Assembly

    The assembly of the latex mattress is completely done from the factory and arrives at your doorstep in one piece. All that needs to be done is place the mattress on the bed stand, unwrap the plastic, and the mattress is ready to use. Our mattresses are rolled up and machine compressed making it easy to ship for us and easy for you to move once it arrives at your doorstep.

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    Maximum Comfort

    At Latex bear, we understand that our fabrics and thickness may not work for everyone. Although our main latex sheet thickness is 5cm, we offer over 100 different kinds of fabric for the products to accommodate preferences.

Creating Your Mattress Design

Latexbear makes it easy to make the one mattress you need. Any foam mattresses. We can make it happen, just for you.

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