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July 18, 2018
July 18, 2018

Electric Adjustable Mattress: Comfort Controlled from a Smartphone

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2018)

Your customers want the most relaxing mattress that they can afford. Yet they are not interested in the regular choices in mattresses. They want something new, something different, and something that matches their relaxation needs. In addition, many of your customers are looking to create smart homes that allow them to control everything at the touch of a smartphone app on their screen.

Increase your store inventory and provide more choices to your customers with the Intelligent Furniture electric adjustable mattress from Shenzhen Sleeping Bear International Trade Co., Ltd. (Delandis).

The mattress has a jacquard knitted wool surface on top made of the highest quality. It also has nine additional structured layer designs to provide the ultimate comfort and body support to relax muscles, relieve aches and pains, and improve blood flow. There are two high elastic cotton layers, a natural latex layer, a high rebound sponge layer, another sponge layer, a partition bag spring, a balance of the net, a steel multi-function adjustment, and a bottom jacquard knitted wool surface.

This mattress is fully adjustable as it can be placed into 8 different sleeping positions.
• flat position
• feet up position
• head up position
• television viewing/computer use position
• leisure position
• zero gravity position
• gravity-secure system position
• massage position

Our manufacturing company offers a free frame matching system. If you sell a certain size mattress inventory, or your customers prefer to purchase a certain size more than others, we can match the mattress to fit into any frame or style bedstead. In addition, this free frame matching system can become a desired selling point with your customers, giving them more choices that will appeal to their needs. You can order a large mattress that is fully controlled across the surface, or a separated mattress offering controls for the left side and right side of the mattress to provide different sleeping options to two sleepers.

Perhaps the top desired feature on the electric adjustable mattress is its electric controls. Using high-quality components, the reclining and massage mattress features rely on only a few simple parts to operate: two drivers (one located at the head of the mattress and the other in the foot of the mattress), a control box, a massage motor, and a power supply.
The Intelligent Furniture electric adjustable mattress has this simple, safe design to reduce noise and provide a long service life. Included in the electric adjustable mattress are LED lights, a USB charging base, and a manual control remote. With just a touch of the buttons, you can control just the head or foot of the mattress separately, or control both ends at the same time. In addition, the electric mattress has blue-tooth capabilities. You can control the mattress using a smartphone app to give you another control feature to the manual remote control.

Customers who are looking for adjustable mattresses to place in their store inventory will be attracted to the electric adjustable mattress provided by Delandis. We are a Chinese manufacturer that has been in business for over 15 years as we provide OEM product solutions to European and American companies. Using the highest quality raw materials combined with our top manufacturing processes and export services, we have sold over 10 million mattresses worldwide.
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Intelligent Furniture Electric Adjustable Mattress: Enjoy the Advantages
Nowadays, customers want quality and tons of features packed into their everyday purchases, even into the mattresses that they buy. As a business offering mattress solutions to a range of customers, you want sourced products from a reliable and trusted manufacturer and exporter. You want a company that focuses on superior design, development and production processes that sources high-quality raw materials while manufacturing a mattress with exceptional craftsmanship.

Shenzhen Sleeping Bear International Trade Co., Ltd. (Delandis) is the bedding solution company located in China as we offer a range of pillows, mattresses and bedding solutions for businesses around the globe. Today, we are happy to feature the Intelligent Furniture Electric Adjustable Mattress featuring remote controlled reclining features and a comfortable design structure that will offer customers the relaxing night’s sleep that they always wanted.

Crafted with an inner frame that consists of stainless steel welding, this durable mattress offers support and balance for the entire body. With nine layers of decade structure design, the entire mattress is covered in a high-quality jacquard knitted wool surface. We use an electronic embroidered machine to produce exquisitely crafted stitches with elegant thread position to create a strong surface for years of wear without unraveling or tearing. We also implement a buffer edge technology to create a tape edge to ensure the threads are strong and will stay in place.

Fully customizable in the colors and styles that will please your customers, our layering process inside the mattress is designed to address the pressure points along the body to provide maximum comfort. We designed a natural latex layer for optimal spine support, while the latex confirms to the natural curves of the body to support spine alignment.

Many sleepers grow hot when laying on the mattress. Keeping this issue in mind, we designed the electric adjustable mattress with a central core consisting of viscoelastic memory foam lined with high-density gel. This gel and memory foam provides the perfect shoulder and hip support while providing a cool surface that won’t absorb the body’s heat. Lastly, the high-density foam provides a resilient mattress that will last for many years while relieving the pressure throughout the body.

Rounding off the list of great features, our imported motor provides technological reclining movements in a range of different positions. The dynamic component foot provides smooth movement to prevent unexpected shakes or vibrations when the top and bottom of the mattress move upward and downward at the press of a button.

Featuring one of the quietest operations that can be found in electric adjustable mattresses, the frame can move into 8 positions to suit adults, children, seniors, people with various medical conditions, and women undergoing pregnancy to lock into the desired place. Great for sleeping, lounging, reading, using a laptop, watching television and just relaxing, the mattress helps stretch neck and back muscles while improving blood circulation.
When it comes to mattress designs and production processes, more companies turn to electric adjustable mattresses produced by Delandis. Improve the mattress selection, product quality and design style options in your company’s product inventory by seeking a mattress manufacturer that has been in business for over 15 years.
Reach out to our company for technical information and to inquire about this mattress and other bedding products provided by Delandis.


Electric Adjustable Mattress Designed for Ultimate Comfort

What are the top complaints that you hear from your customers when they come to your company looking for a new mattress? Do they complain about backaches and numbness in their legs or arms caused by poor blood circulation? Would they like a mattress that didn’t require them to stack pillows so they can recline on it to watch television, use a laptop or tablet, or provide the right neck support while sleeping?

If you are looking for a mattress to place into your product inventory that provides comfort, relaxation, and reclining features, seek out the Delandis brand mattresses. As a mattress designer and manufacturer with factories located in China, we offer high-quality mattress products to please all of your customers. We use only the best sourced raw materials as we export our products to over 80 locations around the world including Norway, the Netherlands, France, and the United States.

Today, we are highlighting the incredible features and ultimate comfort product solutions in our line of electric adjustable mattresses. This mattress features remote-controlled components that adjust the foot and head of the bed into different reclining angles. If a customer plans to watch television before bedtime, they can recline the back of the mattress upward to a 60-degree angle, or move it to a 75-degree angle for zero gravity relaxation. If a customer experiences chronic pains, the mattress also features massage functions to send gentle vibrations throughout the body at the frequency that they desire.

This reclining technology is made possible by our component drivers, imported motor, and control box that is all housed inside the mattress. We only use the high-quality components and motors to ensure quiet and smooth operation that is safe, as the reliable components ensure a long-lasting product life. The reclining and lifting positions of the mattress are designed to relieve pressure, improve blood flow, and stretch bones and muscles so people can lay down in complete comfort.

An allergy and insect resistant high-quality jacquard knitting wool covers the frame while 9 other layers provide a cool and soft mattress that contours to the natural alignment of the spine for full body support. Equipped with a remote manual control, customers can recline the bed, put it into massage mode, or even turn on the LED lights to provide a nightlight when reading or watching television late at night. The mattress control also accepts Bluetooth connectivity as customers can download a smart app to their smartphone to control the bed’s positioning.

Designing the ultimate comfortable mattress is our passion. We want your customers to experience a fantastic night’s sleep while having stylish bedding products in their bedrooms. In addition to all the great features included in the mattress, we also offer a free frame matching service. We can match the mattress to the design style of the bedstead to ensure the perfect fit. Your customers will be able to get a mattress that fully adjusts, or a split adjustable mattress where each side has its own reclining functions so spouses can move the head and foot of the mattress to the position that best suits their sleeping preferences while sharing the same bed.

When your business is looking for cost-effective bedding sourcing solutions at great rates while maintaining high quality, turn to the Delandis brand mattresses. With over 10 million mattresses manufactured and sold globally, we can offer your customers superior comfort.

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