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Proprietary design guarantees sleep comfort and posture support

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Uses only certified organic and all-natural wool and latex materials; chemical- and bacteria-free

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Fits all body shapes for the best pressure relief with natural ventilation

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Most affordable brand available offering superior comfort and health benefits

The Latex Electric Adjustable Mattress show

latex mattress is a large pad created by using the gathered and processed milky substance gotten from a rubber tree or the synthesised latex from petroleum oils. The latex is what makes up the internals of the mattress instead of springs or air.Latex mattresses are three different types – natural or not!

Natural Latex

The para rubber tree by the Latin name Hevea brasiliensis produces a milky substance (not sap) which is then whipped into liquid foam and moulded into latex mattresses. To tap the rubber trees, a method similar to tapping syrup from maple trees is used. A little piece of the tree bark gets carved out, and the whitish substance flows out into containers set.

High Quality Royal Romance Pocket Spring Latex Memory Foam Mattress
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Latex Pillows: Natural, Blended, And Synthetic – Which One Is Best?

Quality, that’s the first word that comes to mind when looking at a product. “Is this the best product?” Buying pillows may seem like a trivial thing, but in the long run, this is a fixture in our bedroom that contributes to the nature of sleep.

For the past decade, more people are starting to pay attention to healthy sleep products. Not just that, more are also paying attention to how they are contributing to global warming and leaving carbon footprints. Health is gaining more popularity as well as a saving-the-earth notion. All of these are stirring businessmen and manufacturers in the way they do things, perhaps to the better as it also means good business.

And now, before being able to say that this product is safe and will contribute to health, knowledge of the harm cheap pillows can cause is imperative.

Tapping. By cutting the outer skin of rubber trees, you collect the milky fluid (not to be mistaken as sap, which is a different thing) or latex.

Mixing. Rubber liquid is then mixed with curing agents and soaps and cooled down.

Whipping. The liquid is then whipped until it turns to froth.

Molding. It is then placed in a mold. Here’s where Talalay and Dunlop splits.

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1.    Memory foam

Memory foams were first used in seats for NASA’s flight. Memory foams is very soft and gives you that sinking feel. It then prints your body shape and retains that very shape for a long time. It makes use of the heat that you emit to change shape.

Most memory foams also have a kind of gel injected in them to keep them cool when you’re sleeping since they’re barely breathable (they need your heat to stay soft and return to their original shape). The impact of sleeping on memory foam is a locked sleeping position. Once you sink in a certain pose, you won’t be moving a lot from that spot and the heat will also remain with you.

Memory foam is often used as a topper due to its attribute of sinking in. Some people like to use a firm base and memory foam on the top to still retain that firm feeling.

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