Advantages of Latex Mattresses

  1. Latex mattresses have good elasticity, not easy to deform, the service life are longer than normal mattresses.
  2. Latex mattresses can uniformly forced, the weight of your body can be dispersed averagely, not easy to produce sleep fatigue.
  3. Latex mattresses can fit your body shape well. The contact area with your body is much lager than normal mattresses. Fully fitting your body, it can corrected sleeping position and build your body, suitable for people of all kinds of weight.
  4. The oak protein in latex mattresses could inhibits the growth of bacteria and dust mites. Users won’t be allergic or have respiratory illnesses, which reduces the risk of asthma and allergic rhinitis.
  5. The natural latex fragrance of the latex mattress can drive away mosquitoes and other insects. Pleasant aroma brings peace to our minds, which can promote our sleep quality.
  6. Static will adsorb dust containing harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, which do great harm to human. Latex mattresses is anti-static, conducive to human health.
  7. Latex mattresses are highly breathable. Every cubic centimeter of natural latex mattresses contain hundreds of thousands of vents, which can effectively discharge the carbon dioxide and moisture generated during sleep. Natural ventilation system keeps the air long-term fresh. So natural latex mattress is also called “natural air conditioning system”, allowing your body enjoy a dry and comfortable sleep in every season.
  8. Latex mattress has shock-absorbing function. If you turn over while sleeping, it won’t affect the people who sleep with you.